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A varied collection of the fine and practical work of Eric Young, owner and craftsman of Grassroots Furniture Company. These photographs range from editorial to product shoots. In addition to graphic design work, I have been fortunate to document the steadfast growth of Grassroots.

Welcome Baby Aspen! /
/ Baby/Toddler Session

A new baby necessitates pictures to mark the occasion. Sitting cheerfully in an apple basket, here we have my daughter, Aspen.

Holiday pictures of my daughter, Aspen. Aspen is wearing a beautifully knitted-onesie made by her late, great-aunt. It was given to her grandmother for her three children, then passed on to her children to be worn by her grandchildren.

Happy Holidays! / Baby/Toddler Session

Autumn romance in Lanark, Ontatrio / Engagement Session Kelly & Matthew

I got so lucky on this one. Not only did my dearest and greatest friends decide to tie the knot, but they brought me into the fold as a bridesmaid and photographer. They asked me to take some lovely Autumn engagement pictures –  I gladly obliged.

Playtime! /
Baby/Toddler Session

This one was really fun to shoot.
Meet Maria, a busy bee – full of smiles.
Her awesome parents needed some photos of their little one to distribute for the holidays.
I think we got it – and endless b-roll.

Starting with a short walk along a trail that snakes it's way between young and giant deciduous trees. Nestled among cedar and hemlock, his cabin stands firm on the edge of
a ridge, overlooking a lush marsh below. It's romantic and thrilling. Truly, it's incredible to see the craftsmanship that has gone into building it. More so, when you consider how it got there.  

Man of the Woods

Winter Wonderland /
Family Session

It's a winter wonderland — featuring a
lovely family! Here, we have the
wonderful Gorham's on a morning walk
in Lanark's community forest.

With the arrival of Spring, our little family decided to take a heavenly tulip stroll at the Tulip Festival at Dow's Lake.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips / Baby/Toddler Session

New Beginnings / Baby/Toddler & Family Session

I was incredibly honored when one of my dearest friends asked if I could photograph her and her partner, celebrating their lovely little one.

On a crisp Fall morning, a small gathering of family and close friends were invited to witness the wedding of two lovely people.

Autumn Nuptials in Kanata, Ontario / Wedding Session Greg & Christine

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