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Ceramic Wax Diffuser

Ceramic wax diffuser, hand-built and finished with glaze.

Family Bear

A porcelain piece depicting a stand of trees, marked with the moniker of a family, protected by a bear, bounded by love.


Etched, then colored with under-glaze. Finished with a clear glaze.

Cup Series 2

Ceramic cups, an intersection of
two glazes. A mountain range.

This pair of hand-built cups were an exciting adventure. Seeing how these glazes interact will inspired this new series - one that I’m eager to explore.

Acorn Earrings

Trying new stuff. Learning new things. Here's some earrings I made using small ceramic acorns. I got help from Kehla Jewellery Design Studio here in Almonte to get them fitted with hardware. Seeing them get put together gives me insight on how to do it on my own and how I can improve them overall. Looking forward to crafting more of my own jewellery.


Using a combination of stencils and custom stamps, here are assorted examples of ornaments I've made over the years.

A new addition to our home, a little moon, accompanied with a few stars, sits between our bedroom windows.


Painted with a bright blue under-glaze; followed by wax. Washed in a majolica glaze.

Cup Series 1

Ceramic cups, varied in glaze. These cups were my first success at hand building cups.

Cup Experiment

Ceramic cup, glazed. This is one of my first attempts at making a mug with a handle. Figured I would experiment with the glaze while I was at it.

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