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As a creative freelancer based in Clayton, ON, I bring nearly two decades of rich experience in both the realms of fine and applied arts to my craft. Amidst my exploration of various artistic avenues, I discovered ceramics, and it has since become my anchor.

My passion as a ceramic artist revolves around the tactile pleasure of crafting objects by hand. I find profound joy in shaping meaningful items that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. My true artistic fulfillment lies in creating pieces that become integral to the rhythm of our routines. My expertise in this craft has been cultivated through a harmonious combination of structured instruction and personal exploration. I have refined my skills through a series of courses and immersive workshops, guided by gifted mentors who have sculpted my comprehension of the art form. Nevertheless, my most significant progress emerged from countless hours of experimentation and learning from my mistakes, ultimately enabling me to craft a voice of my own.

Inspired by the world around me, I relish in the process of fashioning pieces that draw inspiration from the environment. Nature’s beauty and intricacies often find expression in my work, allowing me to translate the wonders of the world into tangible art forms. My pottery predominantly takes the form of hand-built sculptures, where I imbue each piece with its own unique character and essence. This method allows me to sculpt my visions into tangible, functional works of art that weave themselves into the hearts of those seeking a connection with the natural world.

Artistry beyond clay

With an educational and professional background in graphic design, advertising, marketing, and instructional design, I've cultivated expertise over two decades, blending creativity with strategy to breathe life into ideas. Crafting compelling brand identities and designing captivating print and web materials form the cornerstone of my creative portfolio. Moreover, my expertise in instructional design uniquely enriches my portfolio, allowing me to craft dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

Behind the lens

My dedication to authentic connections shapes both my professional and personal approach to photography. From the anticipation of pregnancy to the vibrant chaos of family life, weddings brimming with promises, and the dynamic energy of commercial shoots, I capture memorable stories within each frame.

Arts and crafts

Embracing the expansive world of arts and crafts, I find tremendous joy in sharing this passion with others. Whether facilitating workshops or extending a helping hand with various projects, boundless enthusiasm fuels every effort.

Although the forms of my work vary, a constant thread weaves through—creativity and passion. I'm thankful for the defining opportunities and experiences that have shaped my relationship with art, I've discovered where I truly belong within its embrace.

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