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It’s difficult to describe, but I had this feeling: a connection, a creative spark. I didn’t know how I would achieve this or what kind of artist I would become. Frankly, when you’d say artist my only (see: limited) frame of reference was a short list of the great painters such as, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli or Vincent van Gogh. It didn’t occur to me until a little later that the designation of an artist had a much broader and profound meaning.

Using images of my favorite Pokémon or various characters artfully portrayed in issues of Nintendo Power magazine, I used to spend my free time replicating these drawings; creating Pikachus and Zeldas of my own.

I am a Creative Freelancer. With over a decade of experience, I consider myself a seasoned creator. Working in the field of fine and applied arts, I am skilled in both graphic design and photography.
I also dabble in painting, crafting, pottery, and flying drones – rather, aerial photography/videography.


Key areas of experience include: a profound knowledge of Design Fundamentals,
Art/Creative Direction, Identity, Branding, Project Management, Page Layout, Desktop Publishing, Typography, Photography, Videography, and Photo/Video Post-Production.

Specializing in front-end production, I am also an eLearning Developer for the Government of Canada, supporting my department's internal operations via it's Learning Design & Development Division. Employing new technologies, I transform classroom training into engaging, online courses and support tools – otherwise known as eLearning.


Alongside skills developed through formal training and freelance, key areas of experience include: Instructional Design, eLearning Design and Development, Gamification, Multimedia, Usability Standards and Practices, Web Accessibility, and Government of Canada (GoC) communication guidelines such as, the Federal Identity Program and Web Experience Toolkit.

What I do varies in form, yet still carries the same passion and creativity I’ve always had. I am thankful for the opportunities and experiences that have defined and shaped the relationship I have with my art. I feel I have found my place.


I genuinely enjoy collaborative relationships, capturing tender moments and creating inspired content that is emotive, aesthetically pleasing, clear and accessible. The creation of something that both clients and I can be truly proud of – works of art in their own right.

I am extremely organized, infatuated with details and driven.
My name is Chrissie Young, pleased to meet you.


Post-secondary graduate with an advanced, three-year diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications Management 
(concentration in creative services).


Certificate of completion for the following course:


Digital Photography course

Bachelor of Professional Arts Communication Studies Major

Certificates of completion for
the following courses:


Adobe After Effects CC


Adobe Premiere CC


PDF and PDF Forms
Accessibility Seminar


Changes to CLF including WET, Standard on Web Accessibility
and Standard on Usability 


Web Experience Toolkit (WET): Migrating to WET and
the Usability Theme


Building Engaging, Motivating and Collaborative e-Learning Programs

Certificate of completion for
the following course:


Web-Based Training 

Instructional Design
for New Designers

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